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About Us - A World Community that Celebrates Unity in Diversity!
Founded over a century ago, the Bahá'í Faith is among the fastest growing and the second most widespread of the world's religions. It was founded by Baha'u'llah whose name means the Glory of God.
Bahá'ís strive to facilitate community consultation, social and economic development projects, youth empowerment and similar service projects around the globe. This involves helping people help themselves, as we all have something to give to the peaceful world we want to live in. The Baha'i Faith is now among the most diverse organized bodies of people on the planet.

The principle of the oneness of mankind is the pivot round which all the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh revolve. Unity comes first. Then peace and prosperity follow - not the other way round. 
Bahá'u'lláh taught that humanity, after a turbulent adolescence, is at long last reaching its stage of maturity, when its organic unity in a just and global civilization will finally be established. There can be no unity unless it's unity in diversity wherein each culture, community and nation maintains its uniqueness while sharing in the common cause of world peace and prosperity. How soon this will happen is up to all of us - working together to build the Kingdom of God on earth.
Toward this end, the Bahá'í Faith prescribes personal standards of morality and behavior, as well as social standards of co-operation and justice - all based on spiritual principles common to all the world's major religions, as well as new principles enunciated in the Revelation of Baha'u'llah over the course of His lifetime.
Bahá'ís Believe:
The purpose of life is to know and worship God, to acquire virtues, to promote the oneness of mankind, and to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization.
All humanity was created by one God and is part of one human race.
We are innately noble beings created in the image and likeness of our creator.
Work performed in the spirit of service is a form of worship.
The soul, created at the moment of conception, is destined by God to attain an afterlife where it will continue to progress by the grace of God until it attains the presence of God.
Bahá'ís Try to:
Pray and meditate daily as a form of communion with God
Practise moral principles like honesty and trustworthiness
Investigate truth independently of by the views of others
Practise a life dedicated to the service of humanity
Encourage fellowship with the followers of all religions
Avoid excessive materialism, partisan politics, backbiting, alcohol, drugs, and gambling
Social Principles Include:

Full gender equality between women and men

The compatability and harmony of science and religion
The minimization of all forms of prejudice
The establishment of a world commonwealth of nations
Recognition of the common origin and fundamental unity of all religions
Spiritual solutions (putting people first) to economic problems
The minimization of extremes of wealth and poverty
The adoption of a international auxiliary language
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